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F.L.O.W Adaptive Mountain Biking Retreat for Women

Last March, Maria and a group of women hosted a first of it's kind Adaptive Mountain Biking Retreat for three days in Squamish, B.C. Hosting daily yoga sessions. Special thanks to sponsorship and funding to create a unique event for Skills training, community and adventure in adaptive recreation and mountain biking!

In the Summer Maria also participated in a retreat hosted by Spinal Cord BC. Bringing yoga to this Ambulatory Spinal Cord Injury retreat in Naramatta BC was a pure joy! 

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Adaptive Sports Gear Fundraiser

In 2021 Maria raised $2500 for RAD Society for barrier free recreation. After her own experience with MS  and adapting her yoga and an getting an Electric Bike Maria wanted to create the opportunity for other as well. RAD Society provides barrier free gear like Electric mountain trikes, Paddle boards for wheelchairs and other amazing Adaptive Sports gear.

It started as a small fundraiser, and has grown into something very special.  

In 2023, the RAD Group is at it again as they host a Retreat for Women in February 2023. Maria and  RAD Society will be hosting an intimate retreat to try different adaptive gear by RAD along with Therapeutic Yoga by Maria

Visit or Click the Link below!

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Barrier Free also includes Financially

Although yoga can be a low cost start up option for a wellness practice, this isn't the case for all.

When I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I had gone through Optic Neuritis and was temporarily visually impaired in one eye. I was fortunate to have not only an amazing support system and was taking my therapeutic yoga training at the time. OH I know... the timing! 

One thing that resonates as true for me is how to do people who need specialized, well trained experts get access to yoga that truly supports their current experience. How can this be sustainable for all as there is a benefit for continuum of care.  I started my therapeutic training because I knew I wanted to learn more to support my students who had more complex needs. In the end I was was able to offer this for myself first. I modified, and learned how to support my nervous system during my healing. What about those who don't have access to care to support through either an acute or chronic condition?  Or those who are not able to afford the rates of a skilled practitioner?

Through grants and funding, I'm starting to slowly realize this goal. Sustainable also means for the practitioners. Although I do volunteer my time, lasting sustainable programs also includes for instructors.

I'm not a non-profit, although I work with several linked in my community page.

My goal is to raise funds to host a free yoga program that becomes self sustainable.

If you are interesting in funding or sponsorship please reach out over email or donate below through PayPal for smaller donations. Note that I am not a registered charity for tax purposes and there is no exchange of goods for donations. If you do donate please let me know over email so I can let you know where your money goes!

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